Adobe Soundbooth CS3

Adobe Soundbooth CS3 Version 1.0


使用基于任务的工具控制电影、视频或 Adobe® Flash® 项目中的音频, 以清理录制内容、润饰旁白、自定义音乐和声音效果, 等等。Adobe® Soundbooth™ CS3 软件具有直观的界面, 可以帮助您快速地完成工作, 而无需牺牲创意。

Adobe公司宣布,在下个版本的Production Studio中,Adobe将用一个全新的名叫Soundbooth的软件来替代Audition。Soundbooth是专门为那些没有专业音频编辑背景且又是Premiere Pro,After Effects和Encore DVD的用户准备的。这些用户偶尔会需要一些复杂的音频编辑。Audition相对于Soundbooth来说过于复杂,适合专业的音频编辑人员。

Soundbooth取代了Audition,第一次被收录在Adobe套装中,并成为Adobe CS3中的一个组成部分。同时Adobe公司表示仍将继续生产Audition并向音频用户出售。

Soundbooth的设计利用了视频制作用户已经习惯的技术和术语,使用户可以更快地轻松上手,另外,这款软件也是专门针对Apple公司的 Soundtrack Pro而推出的。




dobe Soundbooth CS3这款软件的主要特点在于提供了噪音清除、配乐合成和效果过滤的功能。它的噪音清除工具可以自动清除背景杂音,如嘶嘶、隆隆、滴答、砰砰以及其他一些人为产生的声音。或者,用户还可以通过使用Healing Brush-style的自动修复功能,对(音频块的)光谱分析的可视图像进行修复。
  其他的一些工具有:控制预设(具备单击录音加强器功能)、录音工具、同Premiere Pro CS3兼容,可为Flash制作动画队列。

What is Soundbooth CS3?

Adobe® Soundbooth™ CS3 software lets you take command of your audio in film, video, and Adobe Flash® software projects. Use on-clip controls to make fast edits and intuitive, task-based tools to clean up recordings, polish voice-overs, customize music, modify sound effects, apply high-quality filters, and much more. Tight integration with Flash CS3 Professional and Adobe Premiere® Pro CS3 software and an intuitive, visual interface mean you can get the job done quickly without sacrificing creative control.


Intuitive audio editing with on-clip controls
Use powerful, sample-accurate tools to cut, copy, paste, fade, and stretch audio assets. Intuitive on-clip tools make common edits instant, and visual feedback keeps you informed at every step.

Fast audio cleanup
Automatically detect and fix common flaws in audio recordings such as hisses, hums, rumbling, crackling, and pops.

AutoComposer with customizable music content
Select one of the dozens of included Soundbooth Scores, and then customize it to match your project. Adjust intensity to match the project’s visual mood, and change the length to fit.

Visual tools for healing sound
Use tools like those in Adobe® Photoshop® software to visually identify, select, and remove individual sounds from a spectral display of your waveform.

More than 15 high-quality audio filters
Enjoy a library of audio filters to help you achieve your own sound, including reverb, echo, EQ, time and pitch stretch, distortion, chorus, and more. Combine up to five effects using the Effects Rack.

Fast mastering and vocal improvement
Use streamlined mastering tools to polish your file, clarify vocals, and give it punch.

New audio asset recording
Record high-quality mono or stereo audio files such as voice-overs with markers and take numbering.

Thousands of sound effects via Resource Central
Create or customize existing audio using thousands of sound effects available via Resource Central. (Internet connection required.)

Tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
Smooth roundtrip editing allows you to send assets from Adobe Premiere® Pro using the Edit in Soundbooth command. After your edits are complete, the files are automatically updated back in the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline or project window.

Animation cues for Adobe Flash
Lay down markers in Adobe Soundbooth and export them as XML or in FLV. Access the markers through ActionScript™ language in Adobe Flash® software or in the FLV encoder for tasks like driving animation or creating captions.


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